Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just One Thing Missing

We have loved him since we first saw him.
His Christmas presents are waiting.
His pictures are all over the house.

His name is on the book.
His name is on the backpack.
His name is above his bed.
His name is on the bank.

There is just one thing missing.....


The good news is we are leaving Thursday January 21st to bring him home. The Lord willing he will be sleeping in his new bed on February 6th.

We found out after his doctors appointment Friday that he does need a surgery. We have been thinking this all along given the medical terms they were using to describe his condition.

Our biggest request for this trip would be that Adam's health remains stable so we can get him home and get him the help he needs. We are not sure why they chose not to do the surgery in China. They told us to come get him as soon as possible so we could have his surgery done here.

We thought the spina bifida and his catheter were our biggest issues to deal with when we got him home. As it turns out his intestines and his appendix are much more pressing issues.

I will post a new itinerary on our travel site at Once we are home I will continue this blog to follow Adam's medical progress.

We would appreciate continued prayers for health, safety, and protection from all harm over these next few weeks.

I know I said we were ready to go but my list says there are about fifty more things to take care of between now and Thursday. Oh well.

Blessings to you!


  1. Praise the Lord!!! I am so happy for all of you. We will be praying for your trip and his health. God bless, The Spitlers

  2. I want to wish you guys a safe Journey to China and that I hope all goes well with Adam's health while in China. I can't wait to follow your adoption website. We traveled in November to meet our daughter Zoe and our site is