Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Praying People

Mack and Karen's Sunday School class
Rachel Ladnier
Bible Study group (missing Deidre)
Mimi and Pappy
The Buddos
Michele, Jimmy, Sarah, Matthew, and Emily
The Lanes
Richard, Sheila, Jada and Ruby
Pop pop
Doug and Joy
Kim, Julie, & Me
Jessica, Libby and Angie

Here are just a few of our praying people. There are so many others I don't have pictures of. I really just can't stop thinking of all of you praying for Adam. It has been such a comfort to us.

I will mention a few at the risk of leaving someone out. There are just several that I must tell you about. Some of them are living out their faith right at this moment.

Doug and Joy are in China now. Monday they were forever united with Sarah Mei. You can visit their website(mentioned above) to read their story.

Jessica is writing a book. It is going to be fabulous. God put a story on her heart and she is sharing it with the world. When she is a famous author I will say "I knew her when...".

Angie and her husband are adopting from the Dominican Republic. It has not been an easy road and has been full of disappointment. They are staying faithful to what they have been called to. Read their story at www.ourtreasureourheart.blogspot.com. Angie and my friend Becky are headed to the Dominican Republic next month on a medical mission trip.

Rachel Ladnier and her family. They are a living testimony to the power of God. We listened to Rachel give her testimony this year at the Luke 14 banquet. All parents would wish for a child with her faith at the young age of 17. Mark and Paula, her parents, are involved with Orphans Ministry locally and in Kenya with Gethsemane Garden Christian Center.

Marta and Rommy (not pictured) just returned from a mission trip to Belarus to minister to orphans. They took 70 pounds of medical supplies with them. They are working on a student visa for one special boy they love named Ihar. Please pray for him.

The HOME ministry team at Calvary Church in Charlotte. They are preparing to celebrate Sanctity of Life Sunday on January 24th at 9:45. HOME stands for Hearts for Orphans Ministering for Eternity. Please join them if you are in the area.

The Lanes are always raising money and awareness for Project Orphan Blessing in Kingsport TN. They have also worked closely with Living Hope International to bring a group of orphans to the states this month. This talented group of Chinese dancers are actually performing in our area at Carmel Baptist Church near the end of the month.

My bible study group is full of women who are doing Gods work. If you have a need they are there. If you need prayer they will do it. They have prayed through illnesses, job loss, children, adoptions and relationship problems of all kinds. They serve at Harvest Kitchen, Lois Lodge, Elon Homes for Children and the list goes on.

There are so many of you being used by God and so many others God is preparing for his good works. I just thought I would share a few stories with you.

I will have one more post to this blog tomorrow if time permits. We have a full day of preparations for the trip and it is a very special day today. Our oldest, Stephen, turns 17 today and Audrey Kate turns 10. We are going out tonight to celebrate!

Just 5 more days until Adam is in our arms. Just three more days until we walk the floors of Harmony Outreach. I can't wait to tell you all about the kids there. I will have a special post on our travel site just for them.

Blessings to you!

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  1. May God keep you in His perfect peace, may His protection be over you, may His angels surround you, and may you feel His presence each step of the way. Amen...we're excited to read how God is going to use you. You and Greg continue in this journey knowing you are covered in prayer. And we can't wait to see a picture of you both and Adam. Much Love, Marta