Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coming Down

Anyone that has ever had a mountain top experience with God will understand what I am trying to say. I am certain this feeling is true for everyone who has ever adopted. When you get home you are physically worn out. The travel is hard. The time change is hard but there is more than just the physical exhaustion. There is a coming down from the mountain top. It, in itself, is an emotional experience. It takes time to process all that has happened. It takes time to realize that this child who was once a dream, just a face in a picture, is now part of your family like he's always been there. Getting back in a routine can make you forget the miracles that have taken place and yet you don't want to forget. As you come down you process pieces of the journey slowly at first as the fog clears and then more clearly. In the midst of the travel there is so much to do to complete the paperwork and medical exam. You are focused on bonding with and caring for your child. You are worried about those you left at home. You rarely think about the wonder of answered prayer and a calling that God has seen through. It is not until the trip down the mountain that these things hit you hard.

That is where we are. I can hardly even tell our story right now to those who have questions. It is why I haven't posted yet about the miracles and answered prayers of this trip. It almost seems to good to be true, like it happened to someone else.

When we finally come down I hope I am able to look back and see all God has brought us through clearly. It is then that we will be looking for that next mountain God wants us to climb!

Blessings To You!


  1. It is so great to see that Adam is happy and healthy. Your family is an answer to prayer for us, on behalf of Adam. He is a special little guy and we couldn't be more pleased that the Lord chose your family to be his forever family. We will continue to pray for you all in the coming months and look forward to your updates. God's blessings, Robin :)

  2. Wow! What a way you have with words! We just returned with our daughter one month ago and all I can do is complain about how tough the adjustment has been. But I know of the miracles you speak. I just forgot in my exhaustion and worry. I'm so happy to see your beautiful little boy finally at home where he belongs.

  3. How eloquently you put that. I have struggled with how to put that into words that our friends and family could understand. Thanks for this post! I will be continuing to pray for your family.