Monday, March 29, 2010

Look at Him Go!

Going! Coming!

video video

Adam walked away from me for the first time. One day I believe he will run!
Adam did so good today at PT. This was only his third time using the walker. It was his first time using it since his tendon release procedure. The cast made a huge difference in his ability to walk. His therapist thinks once he gets his AFO's he will be even better. When his AFO's come we will get a walker for use at home. He was so proud. I am blown away at how good he did. He works up a sweat by working so hard. You can tell he is trying to figure out what muscles to tighten or make move, lean forward or back, pull the walker forward or make it stop. There is so much to coordinate but he is doing GREAT!

Tomorrow he is being put to sleep for an MRI of his spine and brain. If you think about it say a little prayer for him and for good results. This really will give us the rest of the information about his Spina Bifida. The doctors appointments should slow down from here. Thank goodness. He needs to know there is more to life than 3-4 doctors appointments every week.
He still seems totally happy and unaffected by all he is going through.

To hear the video, pause the blog music at the very bottom.

Blessings to you!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Piano Concert


Here is a taste of my concert. Adam was really into his part.

I was called into the living room for a concert this afternoon. Samantha told me she was playing a song called "Birdies at Christmas". I told her I had never heard of that song before. I asked her why it was called "Birdies at Christmas"? She said because Santa Clause has birdie earrings. I said "Santa Clause wears earring?" She said "No mommy they are a gift for his grandmother."

This is just one of many strange conversations Sam and I have throughout the day.

Later after my concert we were laying on the floor in the den. Sam had her head on my stomach and Adam wanted to have her spot. He started pulling her and when that didn't work he hit her in the chest. I thought for sure she would be upset. This is what she said, "Adam don't hit my chest. You are going to wake up Jesus." After I stopped laughing I said, "Sam how will that wake up Jesus?" She said, "He is in there and he can hear that. He has big ears."

There is never a dull moment or conversation with Sammy around. I love that girl!

Blessings to you!

Friday, March 19, 2010

"Could I get a bandaid please?"

Waiting to get started...

to fix these cute feet.

Choosing a cast color.

Should I go for blue like Thomas?

Or should I go for red like my shirt?

Whatcha think Mom?

Getting fitted for AFO's post procedure. (notice the bandaid on his left heel)

Taking a mold of his leg for the AFO's

He went with red!

Check out my cool new cast.

All done!

"Could I get a bandaid please?" is exactly what the doctor said after she clipped his tendon. Let me back up to say that a tendon release procedure is an OR procedure for most kids his age, (Operating Room- like put you to sleep so you can't feel the pain of the incision). Well Adam has no feeling in his feet so the doctor suggested we do it in the office. I was still expecting something more than a bandaid. The whole thing took about 2 minutes. No kidding. She was done so quick . She put a bandaid on and then he was fitted for Ankle, Foot Orthosis (AFO's). They will keep his feet flexed so he can have flat feet to stand on and to practice walking on with his walker.

After he was fitted they put his new red cast on. He will wear it for 6 weeks. Before they got started the nurse came in and asked what color cast he wanted. She left the swatches in the room for him to choose from. I thought to myself - he doesn't understand English, he will never understand picking out a color for a cast. Well I was wrong. He took the swatches and began matching the colors to the trains on his video, green for Toby, red for James and blue for Thomas. Then he held up the red one to his shirt. I was shocked. It sure looked like he knew exactly what he was doing. When the nurse came back she said to him, "Did you pick a color?" He held up the red one. She said, "Oh you want a red cast?" He very clearly answered "yes".

Oh and by the way, he has NO feeling in his feet. I had some concerns about that right up until the made the incision. Praise God for answered prayer and a super easy procedure that will allow our son better use of his feet.

Blessings to you!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Matthew and C.J. enjoying lunch.
Warming up to Uncle Jimmy
We need a big table!
Cousin Emily
Cousin Sarah
Adam, Emily, Audrey Kate, Sarah, Samantha
Playing with his new puppet from his cousins.

Along time ago we came up with the term "Cousining" to describe it when all the kids are together having fun. I am not sure where or when we started using it. My sister and I used to live close so our kids were together quite a bit when they were babies. We don't see them nearly as much as we would like anymore. Teenagers are busy people and we are 3 hours away from them. We had a great time playing Taboo and eating way too much. Adam loved his cousins. Although he was very quiet he played with each of them and was especially fond of Uncle Jimmy.
We will see them again in June when my niece graduates from High School. It is crazy how quick 18 years can fly by.

I will post the pictures tomorrow from Adam's tendon release procedure. It went well and as usual he did great!

Have a great weekend!

Blessings to you!

Friday, March 12, 2010

He Did It!!

Sheer determination is what it took.

His legs were wobbly.

His feet uncooperative.

Determined, Adam took his first steps ever!

We are so proud of him!

Blessings to you.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Minnie and Superman

I love it when the kids are in their P.J.'s ready for bed. I think they look so cute! I love how Adam put his hand on her leg. He is so loving. The two of them were sitting on the Ping-pong table in the basement watching C.J. shoot hoops on the new Little Tikes B-ball goal. C.J. yelled up for me to bring the camera. Even a 15 year old boy recognizes cuteness when he sees it!

Tomorrow we go back to PT. She is going to try to get Adam up on his feet with a walker. I will have my camera and video camera ready. I will post pictures sometime Thursday.

Blessings to you!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Adam always entertains us while we wait for our appointments...
by making these funny faces at me! He is so funny!
Working with the physical therapist.

Adam was supposed to have his tendon release procedure today. We postponed it because he just came home from the hospital last night. We arrived Wednesday to the Children's Hospital after seeing the pediatrician. Initially they thought it was his appendix. He was in so much pain. It turned out to be bladder and bowel issues. He is much better now and has returned to his same happy, playful self. We are so relieved.

We will reschedule the procedure in a couple of weeks. We just couldn't put him through it after a hospital stay.

The cousins come next weekend. My kids LOVE their cousins. They have been close since they were all little. There are now 8 of them. My sister has three and we have five. The oldest five are all teenagers now but still have a great time together. They have not yet met Adam. I know he will love them too.

It is going to be a beautiful weekend here. We will be O-U-T! I am ready to get out and enjoy some nice weather. I hope you have a great weekend!

Blessings to you!