Friday, March 19, 2010

"Could I get a bandaid please?"

Waiting to get started...

to fix these cute feet.

Choosing a cast color.

Should I go for blue like Thomas?

Or should I go for red like my shirt?

Whatcha think Mom?

Getting fitted for AFO's post procedure. (notice the bandaid on his left heel)

Taking a mold of his leg for the AFO's

He went with red!

Check out my cool new cast.

All done!

"Could I get a bandaid please?" is exactly what the doctor said after she clipped his tendon. Let me back up to say that a tendon release procedure is an OR procedure for most kids his age, (Operating Room- like put you to sleep so you can't feel the pain of the incision). Well Adam has no feeling in his feet so the doctor suggested we do it in the office. I was still expecting something more than a bandaid. The whole thing took about 2 minutes. No kidding. She was done so quick . She put a bandaid on and then he was fitted for Ankle, Foot Orthosis (AFO's). They will keep his feet flexed so he can have flat feet to stand on and to practice walking on with his walker.

After he was fitted they put his new red cast on. He will wear it for 6 weeks. Before they got started the nurse came in and asked what color cast he wanted. She left the swatches in the room for him to choose from. I thought to myself - he doesn't understand English, he will never understand picking out a color for a cast. Well I was wrong. He took the swatches and began matching the colors to the trains on his video, green for Toby, red for James and blue for Thomas. Then he held up the red one to his shirt. I was shocked. It sure looked like he knew exactly what he was doing. When the nurse came back she said to him, "Did you pick a color?" He held up the red one. She said, "Oh you want a red cast?" He very clearly answered "yes".

Oh and by the way, he has NO feeling in his feet. I had some concerns about that right up until the made the incision. Praise God for answered prayer and a super easy procedure that will allow our son better use of his feet.

Blessings to you!


  1. He's a heartbreaker! I love love the picture where it looks like he is winking at you! Love you guys!

  2. What an absolutely wonderful son you have! Thank you for sharing his progress with us. You are blessed!