Monday, March 29, 2010

Look at Him Go!

Going! Coming!

video video

Adam walked away from me for the first time. One day I believe he will run!
Adam did so good today at PT. This was only his third time using the walker. It was his first time using it since his tendon release procedure. The cast made a huge difference in his ability to walk. His therapist thinks once he gets his AFO's he will be even better. When his AFO's come we will get a walker for use at home. He was so proud. I am blown away at how good he did. He works up a sweat by working so hard. You can tell he is trying to figure out what muscles to tighten or make move, lean forward or back, pull the walker forward or make it stop. There is so much to coordinate but he is doing GREAT!

Tomorrow he is being put to sleep for an MRI of his spine and brain. If you think about it say a little prayer for him and for good results. This really will give us the rest of the information about his Spina Bifida. The doctors appointments should slow down from here. Thank goodness. He needs to know there is more to life than 3-4 doctors appointments every week.
He still seems totally happy and unaffected by all he is going through.

To hear the video, pause the blog music at the very bottom.

Blessings to you!


  1. So exciting to see Adam actually walking! Will be praying for him tomorrow!

  2. Tears of joy!!!! I am so amazed by Adam. You can see the determination in his sweet face. Love it!

  3. We were so happy to see Adam walking!!! Yes, he will probably run someday! We'll pray for the being put to sleep for the MRI....let us know how it goes. Love you all, Marta & Rommy

  4. Again, I am amazed at his progress and of course God's goodness. Go Adam!