Thursday, March 25, 2010

Piano Concert


Here is a taste of my concert. Adam was really into his part.

I was called into the living room for a concert this afternoon. Samantha told me she was playing a song called "Birdies at Christmas". I told her I had never heard of that song before. I asked her why it was called "Birdies at Christmas"? She said because Santa Clause has birdie earrings. I said "Santa Clause wears earring?" She said "No mommy they are a gift for his grandmother."

This is just one of many strange conversations Sam and I have throughout the day.

Later after my concert we were laying on the floor in the den. Sam had her head on my stomach and Adam wanted to have her spot. He started pulling her and when that didn't work he hit her in the chest. I thought for sure she would be upset. This is what she said, "Adam don't hit my chest. You are going to wake up Jesus." After I stopped laughing I said, "Sam how will that wake up Jesus?" She said, "He is in there and he can hear that. He has big ears."

There is never a dull moment or conversation with Sammy around. I love that girl!

Blessings to you!

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  1. Bailey and I loved it!!!! We can't wait to see more performances for sure!