Saturday, April 17, 2010

Horse Crazy

Our horse crazy girl...

and her favorite horse Cody....

competed in a horse show today.

She was number 190 in a walk/ trot class.

She loves showing horses.

This was her third show.

What is that in her hand?

Oh yes, a first place ribbon!

Some last minute advice from her trainer.

She finishes with a reserve, a first place and a third place.

She is a horse crazy girl. She has done a horse camp for the the past several summers. She has always asked to to take lessons but we felt like we didn't have the time. She dances ballet two nights a week and also dances in the Nutcracker every year. However, when some lessons opened up right down the road (less than two minutes from our house) we couldn't say no.
So now we have a horse crazy girl who loves to show horses.

Of course she wants a horse of her own.

She got a little brother instead.

Blessings to you!


  1. She looks like a 'classic'!! Congratulations.

  2. I'm a HUGE horse lover... these pictures are darling! If we didn't have 9 kiddos, I'd have a horse myself :)

  3. There is something about a girl and her horse. She is beautiful on top of that horse!!!!