Monday, April 5, 2010

Lipomyelomeningocele and tethered cord

Those words at one time were very frightening. We first heard those words back in August of 2008. That is when we first started the paperwork for Adam's adoption. He was not even 3 years old. He was two and a half.

He had an MRI in China right about the time we started his paperwork. We were given the results of the test via email... Lipomyelomeningocele. Of course we searched the Internet for information. What we found really scared us and we stopped the paperwork. Tethered cord and Chiari malformations were the two things that scared us the most.

We spent the next 6 months researching, talking with other parents of children with tethered cord, and praying. Sometimes Greg and I would discuss it. Other times we just wouldn't talk about it at all. It was too painful. We had fallen in love with Adam but we were so afraid. Leaving him in China meant he might not ever get adopted. We prayed for another family to come along for him.

I cried a lot! I was torn between this child and my fear of a special need such as tethered cord with possible Chiari malformations. As I continued to know more about his special need I became more and more comfortable with it. Most importantly I felt this was the child God showed us and saying no was not an option. It took Greg longer to come to this same conclusion. I prayed for God to change his heart and for us to be united as a family in this adoption.

That is exactly what happened in February of 2009. I had Adam's pictures up around our house and as I walked by his picture on February 14th I casually said to Greg, "Adam's birthday is tomorrow." I felt sad. Then Greg told me he had contacted Harmony House about Adam. He told me he felt it was a mistake to leave him there. That God called us to adopt again and we were the family God had chosen for this child. I knew he was right. We started the paperwork for second time a couple of weeks later. The rest is history.

It is so strange to write those words now. Adam IS our son. No doubts and no fear. He is perfect just as he is and he is so much more than any MRI results.

If you were wondering about those MRI results from last week...


No Chiari malformations

Most likely tethered cord

We will meet with the doctor this month to discuss untethering.

Until then we will just keep enjoying our time with this sweet boy and thanking God we get to call him ours!

Blessings to you!


  1. When God calls you to do something - it is such a scary thing - no matter what the condition of the child. But only through our faith does HE show us His goodness, His Grace, His Blessings and His Faithfulness. Those words would scare me too - but they are just that WORDS. Adam is beautiful and you guys make a PERFECT family! We are continuing to pray for you guys!

  2. What a beautiful story. Both Jimmy and I are in tears. Thank you so much for sharing the heartfelt steps of your journey with us.