Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Something New


With Lightroom preset aged photo


With lightroom preset grayscale


With LR custom preset


With LR preset direct positive

With LR custom preset

You're never too old to learn something new. My friend Kim and I and Kim's brother Chris set out to learn how use our digital SLR cameras. We took a great basic photography course through Osborne Photography. It was well worth the $50.00 for the 2 1/2 hour course. We learned so much and I am having so much fun experimenting with my photos.

We learned about ISO, shutter speed and aperture also called f stops. We learned how to better compose our shots by filling the frame with our subject or using the rule of thirds and not placing our subject in the middle of the frame.

Basically, ISO is your film speed. When you used to go to the drugstore and by 200 or 4oo film speed that is the same as ISO and you use it the same way. To change the ISO push the ISO button and then use the arrows to change to the speed you need for your conditions. Mostly you will shoot with an ISO of 400.

Shutter Speed is used to stop motion. The faster the shutter speed the more you are able to stop motion. The slowest shutter speed to stop motion is 1/250.

Aperture is the amount of exposure or light allowed into the camera. The higher the aperture the more depth of field, the lower the aperture the less depth of field. If you want your rows of flowers to all be in focus raise your aperture. If you want the flowers closet to you in focus and the background blurred lower your aperture.

I also learned I will probably never get a great football shot of my boys under the Friday night lights unless I buy a new, very expensive lens. Like I said I will never get a good shot. I did learn how to stop the motion in a sports picture by changing my shutter speed. I can't wait for football season to try it out. It is about the only time my teenage boys want me to take their picture.

Remember I have had one basic class for 2 1/2 hours. I am sharing what I learned for those of you who asked but I know very little. I would recommend a class for anyone wanting to learn how to take better pictures.

Anyway, I love taking pictures of the kids and hopefully now I will get even better shots. We are signing up for the intermediate class next month.

If you have any tips for me about photography please leave them in the comments section.

Blessings to you!

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  1. Fun photos!!! You started with beautiful shots. Love them!! My Memory Manager software from Creative Memories ($39.95) can do all those effects easily, as well... plus it lets you sort and tag photos multiple ways AND journal a story with each photo or a group of pictures. I love it! Blessings!