Sunday, May 30, 2010


Daniel Murphy
Safe at home with Jesus

We just arrived home from the beach tonight. I took so many pictures of Adam's first trip to the ocean. I was planning a Sunday Snapshot of our trip. I came home and found out that little Daniel went home to Jesus last night.

He fought hard following his heart surgery. He was so courageous and an inspiration to many. My Sunday Snapshot post is dedicated to him.

He, his parents and his Grandpa Jim were part of our travel group this year to China. I am so glad he had the love of his family before going home to heaven.

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  1. He is precious. I know he will be missed terribly. I'm so sorry his family had to lose him so soon.

  2. I am so sorry.

    Thank you for sharing about Daniel.

    I just spent an hour reading his family's blog, reading every post I could find about him and his new life with his beautiful family who obviously loves him very much.

    I can't imagine their pain. I am so thankful they know our Father who does understand the pain of the death of a child. I pray He is their every comfort during this sad time.


  3. Thanks for sharing such a touching story.

  4. We'll keep his family in our thoughts.

  5. cute boy! Love that smile
    Do visit me

  6. I can't imagine what they are going through. Their perspective is so inspiring, Daniel is in the arms of his true Father now!
    Thank you for sharing about this precious little one.

  7. Safe at home with Jesus, indeed!!

    What comfort!!!

    Praying for peace & understanding that can only come from the Father.....for Daniel's family!

  8. Hi Jennifer. I really love reading your blog and I love the new design! It is so wonderful you dedicated this page to Daniel. I still can't believe this happened. I am so saddened for Lisa and Jim. They are such a warm and loving family. It seems so unfair! Glad your family is doing as well as is ours.
    --Allison from China travel group.

  9. Thanks for sharing about precious Daniel. Praying for his family...

  10. What a darling, sweet little boy. ...Such a devastating loss for his dear family.