Sunday, September 26, 2010

The First Audrey

My Grandma

I am doing a post about my grandma this week. Tuesday would have been her birthday. I wish she was still here to celebrate. To me she was everything a grandmother should be. She was funny, sweet, loving, and best of all she could laugh at herself. And boy she gave us some things to laugh about but she was always right there laughing with us at the dumb things she would say or do. Everyone who knew her loved her. She and I were very close. She loved Stephen and C.J. and would have loved her name sake Audrey Kate, and Samantha and Adam too!

I always told her if I ever have a girl I would name her Audrey. I do wish Audery Kate could have known her sweet great grandmother.

So in honor of the first Audrey we are keeping her vocabulary alive. She did have quite the vocabulary and I am now trying to incorporate it into our lives.

Umpteen- a large number

Nary- nothing

So I might say: "I have tried on umpteen dresses and still have nary a thing to wear!

Gallivanting- moving somewhere quickly

My grandmother used to ask me all the time, "Where you gallivanting off to?" So now I ask my teenagers the same.

A day late and a dollar short- you missed out on something

Sorry boys I have already cleaned up dinner. You're a day late and a dollar short!

anywho- means anyway, or anyhow

Anywho, we won Friday night.

Fair to middlin'- not sure I even spelled middlin' right but it means O.K.

How are you feeling today? Well I am fair to middlin'.

Lord love a duck- I am not sure about the meaning of this phrase

I am pretty sure some how it is taking the Lord's name in vain so I won't be incorporating it but I sure do remember my grandma saying it.

Hunk- this is the term my grandmother used for any nice looking guy

I remember when I was dating she would always ask me "Who is that hunk?" or if there was a doctor treating her at the hospital that was good looking she might just call him a hunk (even to his face).

So my grandma was a colorful person, not pretencions in anyway. She lived a humble life off meager means but would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it.

Every year we drop money in the Salvation Army red buckets. One time when I was growing up I walked into a discount store with my grandma. The Salvation Army bells were ringing outside. My grandmother, who had no money to spare, reached in her purse pulled out some dollars bills and dropped them in the bucket. She looked at me and said "They were there for us when we needed them." I tell my kids that story every year and we always drop something in whenever we see them. Adam will hear that story for the first time this Christmas.

You never know how your small acts of giving may affect someone. Now the next generation will know too!

Anywho, she is missed very much. I just wanted to share her with you today.

Happy Sunday!

(If you are here from the Sunday Snapshot link please scroll down and check out the precious girl who needs a home. I would love to see her find her mommy and daddy.)

Ni Hao Y'all

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  1. how sweet!! I lost my grandmother a few years back, she never got to meet our first adopted daughter but not a day goes by I don't think about her...

  2. Thanks for such a sweet post. I loved my grandmother dearly and was very close to her. Your words made me think of her as she has some of the same qualities as your grandmother.

  3. WHat a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady!! I had a very special grandmother too. Wonderful memories we can carry forth to our children.

  4. I know that vocabulary!!!! Wow, does that take me back! Gallivanting in particular! Thanks for bringing back some good memories. It sounds like your Grandma was a hoot!

  5. I Like your take on nothing. Thanks for your kind words on my blog!


  6. What a legacy! What a blessing!