Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good for a Laugh...or a Cry

Update: I asked Samantha to share with the rest of the family who she thought I looked like at dinner tonight. She said "Santa's Mama". C.J. said "Santa's Mama is old and fat". And there it was. No one said a word and it just hung in the air.

I think I'll hit the gym tomorrow.

There is a short list of words that I would use to describe Sammy.
Really there are three words that sum her up.



& Funny

Today I will add...


Let me just say that yesterday was a hard day. We (Sam, Adam and I) spent seven hours at the hospital getting an MRI of his foot. He had to be put to sleep and we were a work- in so it just takes a while to coordinate everything. When we got home I was drained, toast, done.
Even after a good night's sleep I was still feeling drained
and I am certain I looked the way I felt.

As I was making lunch for the two little ones Samantha told me "Mom you look pretty. You look like Jesus's mother"

Now this was not the first time she told me I look like Mary, my Saviors mother. I take it as a compliment. I am not sure if Sam has a good mental picture of Mary but just that she would think of her to compare me to is sweet.

Then she says, "You are also pretty like Santa Clause's mom."

I said "You think I look like Santa's mom?" (just making sure I heard this right)

Yes she confirmed.

Remember I said I was looking pretty drained. I think I might have aged a few years overnight also. I wasn't sure if I should run to check myself in the mirror or just start crying.

Good thing I love her like I do!

I am sure she meant it in the best possible way because she is so sweet!

That girl is always good for a laugh or a cry.

Don't you see the resemblance?

Blessings to you!

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