Monday, May 24, 2010

Harmony Outreach

I really can't say enough good things about this organization. They saved Adam's life and many other special needs orphan's lives. Check out their website and fall in love with the kids. We did and now one is living permanently in our home. They prepared him so well for a family and really we have not had any issues we thought we would with an older child adoption.

John Bentley, the founder of the organization would love to come speak at your church or to your group about their work. We spent time at Harmony House in January when we were in China adopting Adam. We held the twins and Mark, and William. I fed Blossom. She has severe CP but the sweetest spirit! The nannies were wonderful and Lily the house manager is terrific. If you have any questions about any of the children just send her an email and she will respond.

We have been involved with this ministry since our "chance" meeting with John Bentley in the Beijing Airport in 2006 when we were adopting Samantha.

Not everyone can adopt but everyone can do something. They always need sponsors for the children. It is how we met Adam. So you just never know. Once God breaks your heart for the cause of the orphan there is no turning back. I am so glad he broke mine.

Blessings to you!




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Anyway, I hope you will check them out!


  1. Surprise Surprise!!!! Love the new blog! Love Pink Armchair Designs!

  2. I remember reading about your story in one of Harmony Outreach's mailing!!

    I so love what this organization does for the kids and people of China...truly inspiring!

    I am thrilled that I 'found' your blog via Sunday Snapshot!