Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jr/Sr Prom

I have been very sentimental about my oldest boys lately.
Last week C.J. turned 16, this week Stephen attended his Jr. Prom.
He is our oldest and is finishing his junior year of high school.

The years have flown by and we have just one more school year until he heads off for college.

He is a great big brother to the littles. They call him T.
We like to call kids by initials around here.

He made me a mama but he doesn't take after me at all.
He's super smart and driven!

He wants to be a pilot and serve his country in the US Air Force.

So where's his date you ask?

Who needs a date?

Apparently, several of the guys don't have dates.

Actually , T and his girlfriend broke up about a month ago.
They were supposed to go to prom together but later decided not to.
I am glad he decided to go anyway!

Greg told him girls only complicate things and he would have a great time anyway.

I am not sure that was the best advice he's ever given our son but Stephen took it and had a great "uncomplicated" time at the prom.

Blessings to you!

So two posts in a row about my teenagers means you probably won't see them again for a while.
They will be back sometime in the future. Probably once football starts.

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Well... I'm just going to say... it was HER loss! She missed out on one very handsome prom date. I hope Stephen had a blast!!!


  2. Fun, Fun....teenage times!
    You must be a proud momma!

  3. I think it is awesome that he went by himself!! I went by myself one year in high school too and had lots of fun :)

  4. I love that he went with a group of friends!!

  5. Good for him, not letting the fact that he didn't have a date keep him from still having a great time!!
    How cool he wants to go into the military.... I happen to be married to a military man, and we have been so blessed :)
    Happy Sunday!!

  6. What a handsome young man and I think it is great that he went by himself. I agree with Angie, it was HER loss!!

  7. What a handsome young man. He sounds like he has his teenage head on straight and is going places!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my first SS post. I think your pics of your guys are awesome - isn't it so lovely what tender hearts these big brothers have toward their younger sibs? We are blessed in that way also.

    Glad he had a good time at prom. I was just commenting to a friend the other day that today's proms are sooo huge, like on proportion to some folks' weddings. I'm glad your guy kept it simple and had a good time building memories with friends. That'll go the distance more than all the other stuff!

  9. Oh, how they grow up so fast!!!

    There were a few times my big kids went to prom dateless....and they always had just as much fun (if not more)!!!