Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sixteen Years ago today!

Sixteen years ago the cutest sweetest little boy arrived.

He was so cute and so so good.

His name is Christopher James.

We know him as C.J.

We used to call him Cee Gee Pee Gee.

Then later on we called him just Ceeg

We still sometimes call him C.J., never Christopher, but mostly just C!

Call him what you want, he is our pride and joy and we love him very much!

Happy 16th on the 16th!

Mom and Dad

Blessings to you!

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Happy Golden Birthday!!!

    Your C sounds very sweet (in a manly way of course!)

    I love that he went with the big cookie - my favorite!

  2. Tell C.J. "Happy Birthday"! You all don't look old enough to have children that age!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your lives with all of us! What a blessing!

  3. I had one that turned 8 yesterday. My other has an Apr 16 birthday (she just turned 5). I think it is pretty cool that they will get to celebrate their 16th birthdays on the 16th!! Hope he had a great day!

  4. Hope he had a GREAT birthday... that's a BIG ONE! We have a Dalton and we call him "D" :)