Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last Night

Last night we all got together with our husbands.
They are not in the picture but they were there.
See, as friends we spend a lot of time together without our husbands.
So last night was a night for them to get to know each other.

We just forgot to take their picture.

We were actually more focused on this little one.
It was also a night to welcome her home.

And shower her mommy with gifts.

We had a great time at my friend Libby and Grey's house celebrating.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Special Guests

Our friends the Lanes came for a visit this weekend. We chose a nice cool activity like Carowinds on a 100 degree day. Boy was it hot! We had a great time despite the heat and managed to cool off in the water park.
The kids enjoyed playing with each other and it was so nice to have them all together again.
Ruby and Samantha were adopted on the same day. We all traveled to China together back in 2006. We have stayed friends ever since. We always get together for our Gotcha Day reunion. This is coming up soon so we will see them again in September. We are looking forward to it.

Saying hi to the characters

Greg , AK and Jada on the first ride of the day.

Ready to ride!

Adam chillin' out

I love this picture.



Riding the swings

AK and Jada

Beautiful girls and friends forever

Cooling off!

Being silly

Roasting Marshmallows

Shelia and Adam

After Church on Sunday

Jada and Audrey Kate

"Best Buddies"

2006 in China

2010 Home

To the Lanes: Please visit anytime! We really enjoyed it!

center>Ni Hao Y'all

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

For a Laugh

Who knew cleaning out a basement could be so much fun or lead to so many blog posts. Not that it is truly blog worthy material but I have enjoyed the old photos anyway.

If you grew up in the 70's and 80's you must be able to laugh at yourself. Truly the hairdos are too funny.


Elementary age

Junior High School and proof for my daughter that I could once do the splits

High School (love the hair)


Yes they are all me!!!

Yes, you are welcome for the laugh!!!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

More Memories

My mom and dad on their wedding day

My dad.

I am going to have these old photos framed and use in my house. I love old photos.

We have some very special guests coming to our house this weekend. Check back for my Sunday Snapshot to see the fun we are going to have this weekend.
We are so excited!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Glory Days

Not just a legend in his own mind.....


We found so much stuff in our basement. How did we get so much stuff. We got rid of most of the stuff and kept the memories. There are 40 some years of memories down there. Half of that time we have been married. You could catalog both of our lives with the pictures and items we found. The newspaper articles are from Greg's High School glory days. He played in the number one spot and won State Champ at some point during his high school career.

The boys loved reading these articles. It confirmed all the stuff they thought their dad was making up or exaggerating all these years. He really was a great tennis player.

More fun old photos to come.

Please keep praying for Emily.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sweet Emily

OK friends, this is serious business.
This little girl is an orphan living in an orphanage in the Dominican Republic.
There is a family who desperately wants to adopt her.
This family are good friends of ours. They love the Dominican Republic and its people.
They have served there through missions trips.
I can't think of one good reason this little girl should not be with this family.

If you know anything about international adoption you know it is a long, frustrating process. There are laws both from the US and the adopting country that must be followed. There are Hague laws and procedures, mountains of paperwork, followed by years of waiting.

It is not for everyone.

But for those who are called by God there is no saying no. Even when it is hard, and heartbreaking. My friends have been told after more than a year of waiting that there is little chance of getting matched with this girl. Why? There are laws about adopting pre- identified children. Not to mention that this sweet girl had no chance of getting a family because no one bothered to do her paperwork. Thanks to my friend's persistence she is now getting paper ready. Yes, my friend who worked hard to see that this girl gets her paperwork ready might just have to watch her go to another family.

Sacrifice is part of serving God.

However, our hope is not in paperwork, laws, rules and procedures.

We hope in the God of miracles.

The one who is able to match this girl and this family forever in adoption.

That is what I am asking you to pray for.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Romans 15:13

Ni Hao Y'all

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where Did they Go?

Has anyone seen these two little boys of mine?
I sure do miss them.
When they are little don't wish them to get bigger.
Because when they are bigger you will wish they were little.

I found these and many other old photos while cleaning out my basement.
Oh and I found Woody too.
I will do a post about that next week.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Not much

Mimi and Pappy
My mom and dad have been taking us to the beach for the past 20 years.

Frogmore Stew, a beach favorite

AK with her beach look.



Pappy and Sammy walking back from the beach together.

My cousin Michael drove up from Myrtle Beach for dinner.

Adam and me

Stephen, CJ, and their cousin Matthew

My favorite picture of the whole trip. Uncle Jimmy enjoying his ice cream!

Not much going on here. I needed a quiet week and a break from my camera. I took so many pictures at the beach. These are a few of them.

Last night we went as a family to see Toy Story 3. It was great. This was the first movie we took Stephen to when he was 2. Toy Story, Buzz, and Woody have always been around it seems. In fact they are packed away in the attic. If you have seen the movie you are saying, "GO get them!" I think I am going to look for them today. We have two Buzz Lightyears, two Slinky Dogs, two Woodys, and two RC cars. Why two? Well with two boys only 16 months apart it was just easier to buy two of everything than police all the fighting.

Now we have two 4 year olds so maybe it was worth it.

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