Friday, August 27, 2010

Football, Football and more Football

JV "Maverick Walk"

#80 is our favorite!

Getting ready

That's C.J. kicking off

After the game

We won. My C.J. scored 9 of those 21 points.

Sammy, destined to be a cheerleader

Go Mavs!


Even the moon was orange last night for the Maverick game.

C.J. played a great game last night. So great he got called up to play in the varsity game tonight. This will be the first time ever the boys will play on the same team. We are so excited!

So that means football last night, football tonight, and we are going to the Panthers game tomorrow night.

This is our life from now until November.

If the boys have it their way we will be playing in December.



  1. Cheering for both the boys tonight!! We cannot wait to hear how the game went.

    I adore the picture of Sam cheering and the one of Adam with CJ is priceless!

  2. I absolutely love the pictures of the "brothers" and the "cheerleader." :-)

  3. Love the pics you get of your children! :)