Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's coming

It's coming

My sweet Audrey Kate is always keeping our white board updated.
She is so organized and on top of things. She might one day make a great teacher.
She even thanked me for the two new family games we bought yesterday.

You might look at her board and the title of my post and think school is coming. It is.

But it is item number two on the left, under News, that is standing between today and the start of school.

As much as I would like to forget, and as much as I would like for it to be behind us it isn't.

We leave Tuesday for Duke.

Wednesday morning we will hand him over to have his spinal cord untethered.

Check back for updates.

Say a prayer for this sweet boy of ours.

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  1. My youngest daughter had her cord detethered one year ago, so I completely understand your concerns.
    The best word of wisdom that I received is to always expect the surgery to last longer than the doctor says it will. We were told that my daughter's surgery would be 2 hours and it ended up being 6 hours. But, if the surgery is close to the time suggested, then you are in for a nice surprise.

    Many blessings, Rebecca

  2. We'll be praying for your sweet little guy . . . before you know it, surgery will be over and school will be starting!
    Firstbrook Five

  3. OH YOU KNOW... I am praying for your sweet boy! You knew the day would come, nothing can prepare you for it but....prayer! Be reminded that so many love you and your family. We will cover you and lift you up!

    Love to all----especially sweet little Adam.

  4. Wishing you all the best with the surgery - I hope it goes well.

  5. Oh he's so handsome! He seems so sweet and such a little charmer. I'll be praying for healing. Hugs to your family and your sweet little man. :)

  6. Saying a prayer now for your sweet son.

  7. What a handsome little guy your Adam is! Praying for him and the rest of the family as well!