Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Long Night

I got a smile from my boy this morning.

Last night after we were finally settled in a room.

Greg in the waiting room yesterday. We closed the place down!

Thanks to the Greene Family for a nice place to wait.

It was a long night. Adam did fine. He had pain a couple of times when his medicine ran out. His heart rate would shoot up then the alarms on his monitors would go off. This happened a couple of times.

What made it so long was are in a tiny, tiny room. There is one reclining chair. Greg slept there. I slept on the floor. We had to push Adam's bed toward the door so I had room to lay down. Once we were all in position you couldn't move. I was blocking the bathroom door. Well between that, the alarms, and the constant attention form the nurses (they are great) we didn't sleep much.

We have had our Starbucks and we are doing better, Greg and I that is. I know you don't really care how we did so on to our boy.

He is a SUPERSTAR! He is doing great. He has to lay flat for 5 days. He has not tried to sit up once. He is watching TV and playing toys. We read books this morning. I have a treasure bag of toys and books I brought with us. We have made three trips to the treasure bag. Our first trip at 3:00 am we found a Buzz Lightyear. Our second trip around 6:45 am we found his best friend Woody. Later this morning it was time for another trip and we found a Toy Story Look and Find book. We have been doing that together for a while.

Again I will say this is the easiest kid I have ever been around. Last night though as he was in recovery he did say "Mama leave me alone." The nurse later asked him if he needed something or if he wanted to be left alone. He said again "Leave me alone." It was so not like him. The doctor said he said the same thing to them as he was waking up. I can't blame him!

Anyway I just wanted to give a little update. Thanks again for all the prayers. I need to get back to Adam.

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  1. I understand how Adam feels:) You can't blame a boy for wanting to be left alone...especially with all those people around him. It's so good to see him smile.

  2. wow - what a little superstar. love the first pic w/ his smile, his thomas, and woody. so glad to hear the surgery went well!