Monday, August 30, 2010

Not again!

Well we are here at Levine's Children's Hospital. Adam is fighting an infection and needed some IV antibiotics to help out. We were admitted yesterday, Sunday, and if all goes well we will go home on Tuesday.

He did not have a virus as we were originally told. He has a UTI as his mama suspected from the beginning. I have learned over the years that those instincts are usually right. Had he been given antibiotics from the onset of his fever we wouldn't be here right now. Unfortunately his original urinalysis was negative so there was no way to know for sure. No one's fault, just unfortunate. The culture showed the bacteria two days later which is why he was getting worse not better.

He was so sick when we arrived at the hospital, raging fever, vomiting, and could not stay awake. He was also dehydrated. Well by last night he was looking better. His color had improved and he was talking and playing. Today continues to be a day of improving.

We are hopeful to be home by tomorrow.

Thanks to all who pray for us. This is his 4th hospital stay since January and his third since being home with us. I hope we are off the hook for a while after this one!

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  1. It's amazing how strong these little guys are. True champions. Madi and I always remember to think of Daniel's bravery when we need to get a shot or any type of medical procedure. It helps us keep things in perspective:) Praying for Adam!!!

  2. YES, I would say that Adam has paid his dues and deserves a break from the hospital visits. So glad to hear he's feeling better...thinking and praying for you all seven:)