Monday, August 9, 2010

Sitting Up

Adam made his last trip to the treasure bag.

Opening his last surprise.

What could it be?

Toy Story 3 Magnets

and sticker book. Thanks Miss Angie!

This is a 30 degree angle. It's not much but it is better than flat.

Today has been a long day and it is only 1:30. Adam has been asking to sit up all morning. I told him yesterday that he was going to sit up today and he has asked me every hour if he could sit up since. They just gave the order about 20 minutes ago. He had his bed raised to a 30 degree angle. So far so good. They will come back every hour to raise it 5 degrees until he is at 45 degrees by this evening.

The treasure bag has been depleted. He opened his last gift this morning. Miss Angie had sent something for him for a time when he was bored or with nothing else to do. Well this morning he opened it and played for a long time with the magnets and stickers. He loved his gift. I told him there were no more surprises. Hopefully we will go home tomorrow where entertaining him will be much easier.

The truth is we are bored. There is only so much sitting, laying, and watching TV we can take.
We need the normalcy of home and family. Being in a place like this for a week makes you so thankful for things we normally take for granted. I know many families must stay even longer and I can only imagine how hard that must be.

The sad thing is there are two little babies next to us that have not had family come the whole time we have been here. The nurses say they never visit. These babies are all alone as Adam once was in the hospital. It is just so sad. One little guy who is 16 months old has been in the hospital from February until July. He went home for two weeks and came back again. This is his home and the nurses are his family.
Say a prayer for these two little guys

Hopefully our next update will be from a different location.

Unil then... have a great Monday.

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  1. Jennifer and Greg: I am thinking of you and sending prayers and love. Adam is such a trooper and has an amazing spirit. I wish I was there to visit you all and the babies next door!
    --Allison (from China travel group)

  2. I so hope you all can go home tomorrow! Will pray for you and those other little ones. Hearing that they don't have any visitors just breaks my heart.

  3. Adam-
    We are so happy you liked your gift. Is it time for you to come home? We are ready for another playdate with you.
    You have been so brave and strong while in the hospital. We are so very proud of you.
    Come Home Soon!

    Hugs and kisses....
    Miss Angie, Bailey and Olivia
    (Mr JT and Duke too!)

  4. So glad to hear Adam is doing well! Give him our love! We felt the same sadness in Miami. Almost all the babies were alone. In fact, we learned that some are abandoned because their families can't care for them. Very sad stuff...

  5. The Kern Family wishes you the best & a safe travel back home to the normalcy of our neighborhood. We've been thinking and praying for you daily.