Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To lease or not to lease

That is the question!
To lease or not

Introducing... Marshmallow

Isn't she cute? Yes I said she.

Just look at AK's smile

I think we are in trouble!

We have decided since we can't buy a horse at this point in life that a lease might work.
Even better is a split lease. There is another family at our barn interested in splitting a lease of Marshmallow with us. It works out great because the other girl rides in a division above AK and takes lessons on a different day. It would be half the boarding, vet bills, food, shoes, shots and insurance. Our commitment would be just for a year. It is a great way for us to get our feet wet and to see how much time AK will actually spend riding and caring for her horse. I should say pony. Marshmallow is a large pony. I am still learning.

Anywho, we have not yet signed the papers. AK will ride Marshmallow Saturday in a show then we will know for sure.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The First Audrey

My Grandma

I am doing a post about my grandma this week. Tuesday would have been her birthday. I wish she was still here to celebrate. To me she was everything a grandmother should be. She was funny, sweet, loving, and best of all she could laugh at herself. And boy she gave us some things to laugh about but she was always right there laughing with us at the dumb things she would say or do. Everyone who knew her loved her. She and I were very close. She loved Stephen and C.J. and would have loved her name sake Audrey Kate, and Samantha and Adam too!

I always told her if I ever have a girl I would name her Audrey. I do wish Audery Kate could have known her sweet great grandmother.

So in honor of the first Audrey we are keeping her vocabulary alive. She did have quite the vocabulary and I am now trying to incorporate it into our lives.

Umpteen- a large number

Nary- nothing

So I might say: "I have tried on umpteen dresses and still have nary a thing to wear!

Gallivanting- moving somewhere quickly

My grandmother used to ask me all the time, "Where you gallivanting off to?" So now I ask my teenagers the same.

A day late and a dollar short- you missed out on something

Sorry boys I have already cleaned up dinner. You're a day late and a dollar short!

anywho- means anyway, or anyhow

Anywho, we won Friday night.

Fair to middlin'- not sure I even spelled middlin' right but it means O.K.

How are you feeling today? Well I am fair to middlin'.

Lord love a duck- I am not sure about the meaning of this phrase

I am pretty sure some how it is taking the Lord's name in vain so I won't be incorporating it but I sure do remember my grandma saying it.

Hunk- this is the term my grandmother used for any nice looking guy

I remember when I was dating she would always ask me "Who is that hunk?" or if there was a doctor treating her at the hospital that was good looking she might just call him a hunk (even to his face).

So my grandma was a colorful person, not pretencions in anyway. She lived a humble life off meager means but would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it.

Every year we drop money in the Salvation Army red buckets. One time when I was growing up I walked into a discount store with my grandma. The Salvation Army bells were ringing outside. My grandmother, who had no money to spare, reached in her purse pulled out some dollars bills and dropped them in the bucket. She looked at me and said "They were there for us when we needed them." I tell my kids that story every year and we always drop something in whenever we see them. Adam will hear that story for the first time this Christmas.

You never know how your small acts of giving may affect someone. Now the next generation will know too!

Anywho, she is missed very much. I just wanted to share her with you today.

Happy Sunday!

(If you are here from the Sunday Snapshot link please scroll down and check out the precious girl who needs a home. I would love to see her find her mommy and daddy.)

Ni Hao Y'all

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Friday, September 24, 2010


Today I can't stop thinking about G10-132. That is her number on the waiting child list at Holt International. Known by name to God.

I look at children waiting for families everyday. EVERYDAY. They all break my heart and I wish I could find each one a forever family of their own.

There was something about this little one that has just stopped me in my tracks. Don't know why.
But I just want to cup her little chin in my hand and tell her she is beautiful, made in the image of her Heavenly Father who loves her. Every child deserves to hear those words.

Don't misread me. We are not adopting again. There is just something about her so I decided to advocate for her. Are you her mommy or daddy? Please go to this website for more info.

When I first saw her I sent her picture to Greg and told him I felt something for her.

His reply: Send$

My Reply: Mama says what?

His reply: Major Mama says what? First a horse then a kid, seriously are you trying to kill me?

My reply: You have caught on to my master plan.

Seriously, we have been talking about a lease on a horse for AK lately so when I send him pictures of waiting children it does cause a rise in his blood pressure!

I assured him I could not do life without him. Currently we are in the process of applying to 9 different schools for Stephen and about as many scholarship applications, football season, horse shows, horse leases, preschool drama and teen age drama, and I am praying about going on a mission trip. Our cup runneth over to say the least!

But if you don't mind please join me in praying for this sweet girl and God's plan for her life.

Psalm 82: 3a- Defend the cause of the weak and the fatherless

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rascal Flatts and Jasper

AK and Jasper

He is a bigger horse than she has ever shown before.

She looks great on him

She did get some ribbons.

AK and Rascal (show name Rascal Flatts)

Waiting for her ribbons

Rascal is a pony and smaller than Jasper

She won two first place ribbons, a second place ribbon and a Champion ribbon and plaque

All activities are in full swing at the Smith home. If Greg and I could just keep up I think we would be ok. However we have not yet found our groove. We are still longing for the slower pace of summer, but the activities and the kids just keep going!

Audrey Kate has been in two horse shows in the past two weeks. The first one she did ok in and the last one she did great in. The difference may be the horse. Horses move differently and can make a difference in how they are judged. Last week she road Jasper. He is bigger than Rascal. She loves to ride Jasper. Friday she and I went to the barn and gave Jasper a bath and combed out his tail. He was looking good. Then her trainer decided she should ride Rascal. He moves better. Well it was a good call. She won her division.

I still don't understand all there is to know about showing horses and how they move. I do know my girl loves, loves, loves to ride and show horses.

Her daddy said if he ever buys her a horse we have to name it "Better than Boys". Well her trainer found a horse for sale that would be perfect for her called "Always a Gentlemen".
We would love nothing more than to get her a horse but when you are one of five children and your brother is about to go off to college a horse probably isn't in your future.

There are both pros and cons to having a large family depending on whose perspective you are looking at it from.

Ni Hao Y'all

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Saturday, September 18, 2010



Adam and Emily before the game.

Maverick Walk

Stephen and his girlfriend Emily with Audrey Kate.

Brothers with the big win score in the back.

Going crazy!

Stephen being interviewed for the paper.

High fives for C.J.

What a night we had. We played a great team Ardrey Kell High School. This has developed in to a nice rivalry since the schools are so close to each other. The stadium was packed in a sea of orange. The fans and the players were pumped. The game was a thriller right down to the very last play. Audrey Kell was down to their last play with 5.9 seconds left on the Mavericks 10 yard line. Their quarterback scrambled and threw a pass to the end zone to go for the win - but Stephen Smith came from nowhere to break up the pass and secure the victory. He actually did the same thing on the play before and blocked a field goal earlier in the game. He played great and has been nominated as "Player of the Week". C.J. also has a great game and scored 8 of our points with extra points and one 30 yard field goal.

Way to go Smith brothers! These are the kinds of memories we will share with our grandchildren one day. We LOVE football season.

I actually spent most of the night praying. Yes, right there in the stands in between the cheering and juggling of the little kids. Not just for a win. I pray all kinds of prayers for my boys on Friday nights. I was thinking about putting them down on paper calling it "Friday Night Prayers". What a great gift it would make for my boys one day.

Several of those prayers were answered last night!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Reaping What You Sow

I had the pleasure of seeing Mary Poppins with Greg and the three youngest children last Sunday. The show was fabulous! The singing and dancing were fantastic.

I am sure you know the story of Mary Poppins. It is about raising children. Keeping it fun and not so hard. The songs even speak to this." A Spoonful of Sugar" makes everything nicer whether it's cleaning up or disciplining. Parents don't work so hard. Maybe you could "Go Fly a Kite" with your children or do anything else they love to do.

I let my children know this week that I always want to be a blessing to them. I have to discipline them, it is my job. There will be a time when that is no longer needed and all I want to be is a blessing! Because eventually in my old age I will reap what I sow.

I pray I will always sow seeds of love and forgiveness not seeds of contempt!

There is a great quote form Mary Poppins, "Be careful how you handle your charges, or they just might blow up in your face"

How true!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gotcha Day Reunion- Chimney Rock

Greg and I with beautiful Lake Lure in the background.

Together with the Lanes

Jada and Audrey Kate always have so much fun together

A great view of Lake Lure


Way up high!

Hickory Nut Falls



The girls!

We had so much fun at Chimney Rock Park. We went up to the top of Chimney Rock by elevator, but we took the stairs down. That meant someone had to carry Adam and the stroller. Thanks to his brothers and Dad he got down safely. We then decided to hike up to Hickory Nut Falls. Again, the boys took turns carrying Adam. They are the BEST brothers. The funny thing is as we were coming down after about 45 minutes of hiking Adam said he was tired of walking. Funny boy!

We were so happy Adam has been able to see some sights that someday he might not be able to get to. We realized that while he is still young enough for us to carry we want to take him to as many trails and high out of the way places we can show him.

We always love our Gotcha Day reunion and spending time with the Lanes!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Gotcha Day Reunion- Part one

Adam by the river.

The precious gifts from Gaozhou 4 years later.

All the kids

Sammy by the lake.

There was a red couch in our hotel so of course we had to get a photo.

Ruby and Sam

Our kiddos


Chief Adam

Mining for gems

AK gem mining
Jada with the prize.

We gathered Labor Day weekend in the mountains of North Carolina at Lake Lure to celebrate our fourth anniversary of Gotcha Day. September 4th 2006 we were handed our precious gifts from Gaozhou. Every year since we have been together with the Lanes on this date to celebrate.
We cannot forget that these girls were each others first friends. They heard each others cries and played together. They spent a year together before either met their forever families. Their stories are very similar. Isn't it worth trying to get them together every year to celebrate and keep their friendship going? We think so!

Happy Gotcha Day Sam and Ruby!
We love you girls to the moon and back!

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