Saturday, September 18, 2010



Adam and Emily before the game.

Maverick Walk

Stephen and his girlfriend Emily with Audrey Kate.

Brothers with the big win score in the back.

Going crazy!

Stephen being interviewed for the paper.

High fives for C.J.

What a night we had. We played a great team Ardrey Kell High School. This has developed in to a nice rivalry since the schools are so close to each other. The stadium was packed in a sea of orange. The fans and the players were pumped. The game was a thriller right down to the very last play. Audrey Kell was down to their last play with 5.9 seconds left on the Mavericks 10 yard line. Their quarterback scrambled and threw a pass to the end zone to go for the win - but Stephen Smith came from nowhere to break up the pass and secure the victory. He actually did the same thing on the play before and blocked a field goal earlier in the game. He played great and has been nominated as "Player of the Week". C.J. also has a great game and scored 8 of our points with extra points and one 30 yard field goal.

Way to go Smith brothers! These are the kinds of memories we will share with our grandchildren one day. We LOVE football season.

I actually spent most of the night praying. Yes, right there in the stands in between the cheering and juggling of the little kids. Not just for a win. I pray all kinds of prayers for my boys on Friday nights. I was thinking about putting them down on paper calling it "Friday Night Prayers". What a great gift it would make for my boys one day.

Several of those prayers were answered last night!

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  1. Awesome!!! Wonderful, wonderful memories!!! Congratulations to your boys. Blessings!