Saturday, September 4, 2010

Four Fantastic Years

Four fantastic years ago this little firecracker came bursting into our lives.
Sept. 4, 2006 in a small office room in Guangzhou, Gao Shao Gan was placed in my arms.
She was so tiny. She was turning one in one week and she weighed 15 pounds. She was tiny!
She clung to me. Later we would find out that this little thing was a live wire. Squirmy, wiggly and grabbing at everything. We were told she was an active baby. Boy were they right!
We were instantly in love with this little ball of energy and that love has continued to grow.

Sam, you are a wonderful daughter and sister! We love your sense of humor and your antics. You are always making us laugh. Your dance moves are not to be beat. You love life and live it to its fullest. We would be incomplete without you. I love how you call me "Mama Mia". Yes little one I am your mommy, always and forever. I thank God for the gift of you everyday.
Happy 4th Gotcha Day!

Samantha showed off some of those legendary dance moves during halftime of the JV game Thursday night. Picture loud football type music blaring through the speakers and Sam just "gettin down". Oh also picture everyone looking at her and cracking up.

She loved it!

She is a piece of work!

Our piece of work!

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  1. I forgot how close our Gotcha Day's were!! I know we must have 'brushed' in Guangzhou!!! Happy Gotcha Day! Love you guys!!