Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rascal Flatts and Jasper

AK and Jasper

He is a bigger horse than she has ever shown before.

She looks great on him

She did get some ribbons.

AK and Rascal (show name Rascal Flatts)

Waiting for her ribbons

Rascal is a pony and smaller than Jasper

She won two first place ribbons, a second place ribbon and a Champion ribbon and plaque

All activities are in full swing at the Smith home. If Greg and I could just keep up I think we would be ok. However we have not yet found our groove. We are still longing for the slower pace of summer, but the activities and the kids just keep going!

Audrey Kate has been in two horse shows in the past two weeks. The first one she did ok in and the last one she did great in. The difference may be the horse. Horses move differently and can make a difference in how they are judged. Last week she road Jasper. He is bigger than Rascal. She loves to ride Jasper. Friday she and I went to the barn and gave Jasper a bath and combed out his tail. He was looking good. Then her trainer decided she should ride Rascal. He moves better. Well it was a good call. She won her division.

I still don't understand all there is to know about showing horses and how they move. I do know my girl loves, loves, loves to ride and show horses.

Her daddy said if he ever buys her a horse we have to name it "Better than Boys". Well her trainer found a horse for sale that would be perfect for her called "Always a Gentlemen".
We would love nothing more than to get her a horse but when you are one of five children and your brother is about to go off to college a horse probably isn't in your future.

There are both pros and cons to having a large family depending on whose perspective you are looking at it from.

Ni Hao Y'all

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  1. Oh, AK looks so beautiful on those horses! Congrats girl, you did great!

  2. Oh goodness... what sweet pictures! I am a horse fanatic, always have been, and I loved seeing this Snapshot about Audrey Kate and her horse show success!!
    Happy Sunday :)

  3. Love the photos....Audrey Kate looks so happy!