Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To lease or not to lease

That is the question!
To lease or not

Introducing... Marshmallow

Isn't she cute? Yes I said she.

Just look at AK's smile

I think we are in trouble!

We have decided since we can't buy a horse at this point in life that a lease might work.
Even better is a split lease. There is another family at our barn interested in splitting a lease of Marshmallow with us. It works out great because the other girl rides in a division above AK and takes lessons on a different day. It would be half the boarding, vet bills, food, shoes, shots and insurance. Our commitment would be just for a year. It is a great way for us to get our feet wet and to see how much time AK will actually spend riding and caring for her horse. I should say pony. Marshmallow is a large pony. I am still learning.

Anywho, we have not yet signed the papers. AK will ride Marshmallow Saturday in a show then we will know for sure.

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  1. Oh my goodness - AK must be so excited! I got butterflies for her - just thinking about how great it would be for her to take care of her very own (shared) horse. What a great option. Marshmallow is beautiful! Can't wait to read your post on how Saturday's ride goes.

  2. Thats fantastic! I'll never forget a comment that my best girlfriend made to me many years ago when we considered doing the same for Lizzy. She said - "There is something special about a girl and her horse." And she is right - you can see it in AK's face!