Monday, October 25, 2010

Cracking Under the Pressure

Sometimes I feel like I am cracking under the pressure.

The to do list is long. Really really long.

It grows a little everyday.

I am forgetful and cranky.

The fact is I have taken on too much. I tend not to see my limits.

Frankly I never thought I had limits. I have always felt like I could handle anything.

Life with five kids is enough to keep one really busy.

But I take on many projects outside of our family.

Really worthy projects, because I want to take them on.

But lately I am feeling a bit frazzled. I am not doing anything well.

So there are some life changes coming.

Otherwise I will not be the wife and mother I want to be.

I read this yesterday out of a book called "Jesus Calling"

Lie down in green pastures of peace. Learn to unwind whenever possible, resting in the
Presence of your Shepherd. This electronic age keeps My children wired much of the time, too tense to find me in the midst of their moments. I built into your very being the need for rest. How twisted the world has become when people fill guilty about meeting this basic need. How much time and energy they waste by always being on the go, rather than taking time to seek My direction for their lives.
I have called you to walk with me down paths of Peace. I want you to blaze a trail for others who desire to live in My peaceful Presence. I have chosen you less for your strengths than for your weaknesses, which amplify your need for Me. Depend on Me more and more and I will shower Peace on all your paths.

Peace and rest are on the new agenda around here.

God did plan for us to have a day of rest.

That is what is missing.

Until we are a little more balanced the blog posts will slow down.

I love to blog. I have several posts in my mind that I really want to get to.

I am just trying to keep it real. Thanks for hearing me out.

On a happy note enjoy the pictures.

C.J. kicking off in the smoke from fire works.

So sad to see number 5 side lined. He is still recovering

AK trying on Marshmallows new halter.

She's crying because we had convinced her we were not going to lease Marshmallow. We didn't know she would cry. Then we surprised her with some new equipment and yes, we leased Marshmallow.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

"Our Honeymoon"

I sat down next to Sammy awhile ago to share a bowl of ice cream with her. Some of you know we have planned a trip to Disney World to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. That is where Greg and I took our honeymoon so we want to go back and take the kids.

Sam and Adam have never been and with Stephen heading off to college we consider this our last big family vacation with the 7 of us. Samantha has heard us discuss all of this because as we sat next to each other this was our conversation.

Me: I can't wait to go to Disney.

Sam: Yeah me either. What will the honeymoon look like? Will there be honey and moons? Is it something you eat or do you just sit there? What about Stephen (in her best pretend cry voice) I can't believe he is going to college.

This is how most of our conversations go. I say one thing and then she rambles on..the girl is a talker!

Me: Sam, a honeymoon is a vacation you take after you get married. Mom and Dad went to Disney World for ours.

Sam: Oh! I can't wait until our honeymoon!

Won't it be so fun. Our 20th anniversary "honeymoon" trip with our 5 kiddos!

Sounds perfect to me!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010


The family tree is complete!
The last heart has been filled in and there are no more empty hearts.
You can read the original story here.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

We Have Our Ups. We Have Our Downs.

Weekend Recap

We run a tight schedule around here. We have scheduled activities every night of the week except Wednesdays. The boys have football practice Wednesday but when the boys get home we don't have to jump in the car to go anywhere. It is our family night. Sometimes a meeting may get scheduled on Wednesdays as was the case this week. It is our overflow day to get to the things we don't have time for otherwise. Basically our weeks are full and busy.

Any wrench thrown into the works can throw the whole thing out of whack as was the case this week. Friday morning started out rough. I was due at the High school around 6:45 am to set up for the Senior breakfast. Greg had forgotten about this and had to change his plans to leave early for work. Adam and Sam had been awake since 5:30 am and everyone was in a bad mood. This set the tone for the day and started us out on a bad note. Our first down of the weekend.

Later we headed out to the Homecoming Game.

Stephen's last homecoming game.

This was an up of the weekend!

The atmosphere is electric before the game.

The Maverick Walk with the band playing is awesome.

I think the whole town comes out.

Sam's excited.

This was the opening play of the game and the beginning of the next down of the weekend.
Stephen took a hard hit and suffered a concussion. He continued to play until the second quarter when his teammates alerted the coaches that Stephen wasn't making any sense.

He had another hit to the head before he was pulled out.

He even tried to get back in again.

In this picture C.J. is yelling at Stephen. We took the picture wondering what this was all about. We had no idea he was hurt at this point. Later we learned C.J. was telling him it wasn't worth risking everything he had worked for with school and college and to stay out of the game.

Later, after the doctors evaluated Stephen he was sent by ambulance to the hospital for a CT scan. This is his second concussion. He was later released and will go into a concussion recovery program. The sad thing is these are the last pictures of Stephen's football career. I doubt he will play again. Two weeks ago he was player of the week. This Friday he was listed in a local paper as a "player to watch". This is not how we thought his senior year would end and we are heartbroken!
A very big down!

Saturday morning AK did great in her show winning Reserve Champion!

An up!

Stephen received his first college acceptance.
Another up!

And C.J. attended the Homecoming Dance with his friend.
Another up!

So we have our ups and downs around here.
It has been a stressful weekend but still full of many blessings.

Happy Sunday!

Ni Hao Y'all

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Happy Child

Adam told me the other day, "Mom, I'm not a big boy. I am a happy child".

He is a happy boy.

This is his self portrait from preschool.

He loves to play with Sam and dress himself.

His family tree after all these years.
This is my favorite.

He is learning to write his name.

Back in the fall of 2008 I used to hear a song by Brandon Heath called "Give me Your Eyes".
Some of the words are:
Give me your eyes for just one second
Give me your eyes so I can see
Everything that I keep missing
Give me your love for humanity
Give me your arms for the broken hearted
The one's that are far beyond my reach
Give me your love for the one's forgotten
Give me your eyes so I can see.

I remember asking God to just let me see, to show me how my family looks on the other side of adopting Adam. Lord, please show me the future. During this time we were still divided about whether we should pursue his adoption. God never did show me the future. He was looking for our trust.

Well as our faithful God always does he reminded me of this prayer and
how he has answered it.
As I pulled into carpool line to pick up the little guys from preschool this song was again playing on my radio. As I looked out the side window of my car I saw Adam's huge smile and his crooked walk coming down the side walk. As I jumped out to help him get in he was yelling "Mama, Mama, I made something for you!" He couldn't wait to pull out his latest preschool masterpiece to show me.

I truly felt like God was reminding me "This is what you were wanting to see and all I wanted was for you to trust me."

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

First Fall

AK was having a great lesson tonight on Marshmallow.

Towards the end of the lesson she was cantering a course.

She was looking good....

and having so much fun!

Except for this jump. She was not in the right position. She was too high and came down hard.
Her chin hit Marshmallow on the back of the head. And then......

she fell off. I didn't get pictures of the actual fall. I was wandering if I was watching her about the get really hurt. She was white as can be. It really scared her but physically she is fine.

Her hip is sore but her trainer made her get back on the horse and do the course again. It was the right thing to do and AK nailed it!

I hope that was her first and last fall!

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