Monday, October 4, 2010

First Fall

AK was having a great lesson tonight on Marshmallow.

Towards the end of the lesson she was cantering a course.

She was looking good....

and having so much fun!

Except for this jump. She was not in the right position. She was too high and came down hard.
Her chin hit Marshmallow on the back of the head. And then......

she fell off. I didn't get pictures of the actual fall. I was wandering if I was watching her about the get really hurt. She was white as can be. It really scared her but physically she is fine.

Her hip is sore but her trainer made her get back on the horse and do the course again. It was the right thing to do and AK nailed it!

I hope that was her first and last fall!

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  1. Glad she is ok! How scary, indeed!! Blessings!