Friday, October 15, 2010

"Our Honeymoon"

I sat down next to Sammy awhile ago to share a bowl of ice cream with her. Some of you know we have planned a trip to Disney World to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. That is where Greg and I took our honeymoon so we want to go back and take the kids.

Sam and Adam have never been and with Stephen heading off to college we consider this our last big family vacation with the 7 of us. Samantha has heard us discuss all of this because as we sat next to each other this was our conversation.

Me: I can't wait to go to Disney.

Sam: Yeah me either. What will the honeymoon look like? Will there be honey and moons? Is it something you eat or do you just sit there? What about Stephen (in her best pretend cry voice) I can't believe he is going to college.

This is how most of our conversations go. I say one thing and then she rambles on..the girl is a talker!

Me: Sam, a honeymoon is a vacation you take after you get married. Mom and Dad went to Disney World for ours.

Sam: Oh! I can't wait until our honeymoon!

Won't it be so fun. Our 20th anniversary "honeymoon" trip with our 5 kiddos!

Sounds perfect to me!

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