Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Moving on!

It is time to move on. I have mourned the loss of football season
and now we have something new.
He made the JV Basketball team. He wanted to tryout last year but didn't.
He is 6feet 3 inches.
The kid is made to play high school basketball.
We are so happy for him and look forward to the games!

This is Matt and Stephen back in grade 4 I think.

Here they are as Seniors.

Today they turned in the # 5 and # 22 jerseys. I was sad as Stephen left the house with his football gear this morning all ready to turn in. It has been his for four years and next year someone new will wear it. I just can't imagine. Can ya'll tell I'm just not ready to let go?

Anyway, onward to basketball!

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  1. love the 4th grade and senior back-to-back pics! i pray my boys have similarly long-lasting friendships. looking forward to bball posts!!