Monday, November 8, 2010

Two Firsts for Adam

Adam had his first ever Halloween.
We are not really sure what he thinks of it.
He loved all the candy. What kid doesn't?
However, some of the decorations people had out were over the top scary.
He screamed at a couple of houses.
We had already prepared him before we left home that he might
see some scary things but none of it was real.
He didn't have any trouble sleeping that night.
We were sure at some point he was wondering about this crazy American holiday.

Ready to go!
Spiderman was joined by this cute dog....

and this sweet Southern Belle.

Who is that masked man? I love the eyes!

Adam also had his very first field trip.
We went to the Pumpkin Patch and a farm.
He was a little nervous when we first left school and started crying for Daddy.
I think he just didn't know what to expect and we were out of routine.
So I started asking him about the animals he thought he might see at the farm.
He said, a monkey, a panda, and an elephant.
There are times I realize he has only been here for 9 months and he doesn't yet have the experiences to know certain things. It is easy to forget this.
When we got there he loosened up and ended up having a great time.
He kept saying "This is fun!".
He has a much better understanding of a farm and the animals that live there.

Choosing his pumpkin

On the hay ride

Listening to the instructions

Feeding the goat

Checking out the bunnies

Hanging with his buds!

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