Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy to be home!

We are home, back from the Disney trip that we have looked forward to for so long.
We had a great time and I will add pictures from our trip next week.

For the Sunday Snapshot post today we will share our Christmas Eve gift opening.
Each child gets to open one gift of my choosing.

Most of the kids know what is coming but sweet Adam was clueless to this tradition.
It was his first Christmas Eve with us.

Here he is so excited to open the first gift of Christmas!
So Adam what did you get?

Oh look, it's Christmas P.J.s!

And Stephen, what could it be?

Oh look, it's Christmas P.J.s!

I think she may have it figured out.

It's Christmas P.J.s!

She looks so excited for...

Christmas P.J.s!

C.J. is thrilled with his Christmas P.J.s!

And here they all are in their new Christmas P.J.s!
We have had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you have too!

We woke up to a blanket of snow this morning.

We should have a great day of playing in the snow.

We are expecting my family to come in today from Raleigh.

We hope they can make it!

Merry day after Christmas!

Ni Hao Y'all

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  1. I love Christmas PJ's! This year was the first that I didn't get everyone new jammies - and my 14 year old asked on Christmas Eve, "Can we open our PJ's?" Tee! Hee! Keep the traditions going!!! :) They really do love them!

  2. Merry one day after Christmas to you!

    Love the Christmas pj's......hmmmm, I'm thinking I may have to begin that tradition for our family next year!

  3. We had that same tradition growing up :) You have a beautiful family! I am jealous of your snow:) This was my first Christmas without any!!

  4. we have the same tradition! :) love it.