Friday, January 14, 2011

Delay, Accident, Fire, Hamster, Question

My bad attitude has melted away with the rest of the ice.

That is a good thing!

Today we had a two hour delay for schools.

I'll take it!

I ran into the garage door backing out to take AK to the bus stop.
Some damage was done to the garage door not to my car.

An accident!

I came back from the bus stop and started cleaning the kitchen.

Sam and Adam were playing in the basement.
Big boys were in the shower getting ready for school.

Fire alarm goes off.

My thought.. "It's time to replace the batteries."

I call Sam and Adam to come up and I go down to let the dogs out just in case.

That is when I smell the smoke.

No false alarm here!

I let the dogs out and turn to see smoke billowing from a trash can.

I pull the trash can outside run to the bathroom for a cup of water.
Three cups later I am satisfied we are safe!

CJ comes bounding down the basement stairs, wet, in a towel.
He heard the alarm and came running.

After all was over Stephen was still in the shower.
He heard the alarm and ignored it!

Later, I went to Petsmart for a few things.
Our hamster Allie is sick and we needed dog food.

I asked to see if anyone knew what to do for a sick hamster.
I was told Allie could have a virus or strep. I thought she was dying.
She is 20 months old. Life span is 2 years.

So for the first time ever at 4:00 today I will take a hamster to the doctor.

Also today in a very crowded department store Sam asks me how Jesus makes people. Not DID he make people, or WHY he made people but HOW he made people.

I am certain all ears around me perked up just waiting to hear my answer.

Sam, He created us from the dust and He breathed life into us.

Bracing myself for the next set of questions, she seemed satisfied with that answer.

It is only 2:30 in the afternoon. I can't wait to see what the rest of the day will bring!

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  1. Never a dull moment!?! I don't know if it is appropriate, but thanks for the laugh and making me realize that today really isn't that bad. We took the girls to get passports and we were blessed to have very nice person help us, last time the woman who helped Rachel was less than pleasant. What caused the fire?

  2. That was just funny! Goodness. Glad everything and everyone is ok! :-)