Saturday, January 15, 2011

Follow Up

Sick Allie. She won't open her eyes.

She fell asleep in her bowl of food.

Allie has some type of infection in her eyes. After waiting for a hour at the vets office, with three kids, in a tiny exam room, while the doctor finished a surgery, we finally had her checked out. Forty four dollars, and an hour of my life later, we were on our way with eye ointment. I do hope it helps her feel better. I know it made Audrey Kate feel better just to be doing something.
The things we do!

Moving on the the Fire.

Cause of fire

From all eyewitness accounts (Sam), Adam is being charged with starting the fire.

Remains of fire.

While I was at the bus stop with AK the littles got into Greg's office and pulled out a light he uses when photographing cycling jerseys for his web business.

Apparently Adam plugged it in and put it upside down in the trash can.
The hot light bulb lit the paper on fire.

Who is supervising these kids?

I am just thankful we were home. The smell of smoke lingers in the basement. It smells like an outdoor bonfire. AK loves how it smells. She's the out door type. Sam won't even go down there anymore because it "stinks". She holds her nose when she has to go down there.

Later yesterday we were at C.J.'s basketball game. It was the first time I had seen Greg since all the incidents of the day. He left around 6:30 yesterday morning to go to the gym before work.

I told him if he had stayed home he would have taken AK to the bus stop (our normal routine) and I would have never run into the garage door.

Also I would have been home to supervise the littles and the fire would have never started.

His response "I knew somehow this was all my fault".

Yes, it is OK to laugh!

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  1. LOVE greg's response. ha! so glad everyone is safe and sound. even the hamster. don't charcoal and baking soda get rid of smells? fill the basement with them. :) PS now super curious about g's company as i type in mike's office next to his road bike. :)

  2. Funny. Keith and I are having a good laugh about this post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sounds just like the Murphy household and exactly what Jimmy would have said!!! OMG--what craziness!!