Friday, February 18, 2011

The best day to go to DMV

According to our 16 year old the best day to go to DMV to get a first time license is during the same week your dad has a lacerated spleen, one sister has mono and another sister has a stomach bug. Better yet he was able to convince me that this was the best time to go.

What can I say? I am weak from all the happenings of the past several days. He has been eligible since the first of November so he has waited quite a while.

I called the DMV closest to our house (not all that close).
The "nice" lady told me there was no way to get a license after school. There were people there who had been waiting 3 hours and they were not going to get a license today either.

I called the next DMV about 25-30 minutes from our house.
The lady told me she could not guarantee he could get a license today since it gets crowded after school and the last road test goes out at 4:00pm but to try anyway. So we did.

The boys got home about 3:15. I jumped in the jeep with C.J. and off we went.
I told him it would be a miracle if he got a license today. We arrived at the DMV at 3:45. The lady said I will check you in but if they haven't called your number by 4:00 you won't be able to get it today. We took number C412 and sat down. We had 10 minutes to get called.

I prayed that God would please make this easy. I needed something to go right this week. At 3:55 I reminded God that there were only 5 minutes left to be called. I also told him that I knew time didn't matter to Him and He could still pull this off even with 30 seconds left.

At 3:59 C412 was called. C.J. and I practically ran back to cubicle #6. We made it. Of course he still had to pass the driving test. More prayer, please Lord let him pass.

We were at the DMV for less that 30 minutes.

No kidding and we now have a new licensed driver in the family.

Congratulation C.J.!
Now we pray for safety everyday.

C.J. and his cute girlfriend Megan.

So we are thankful today for answered prayer both large and small.
We were hoping to celebrate Adam's birthday Tuesday.
Well late Tuesday afternoon Greg was released from the hospital. We got home about 6:45 just in time to see this smiling face.

Just in time to see him blow out his candle after we sang.

Just in time to see him open his gift.

Again we are feeling very thankful for answered prayer.

One more request. My sweet Audrey Kate is still not feeling well.
We go back to the doctor today. Please pray we will not be sent to the hospital and she will recover quickly.

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