Monday, February 21, 2011

Scenes from Adam's Party

This was his first birthday party.

All his friends came.

Some wore Panther attire in honor of him.

Some gave him Panther gifts.

They all know he loves the Panthers!

Adam had a blast!

Actually we all had a blast.

Unfortunately Greg and Audrey Kate had to miss it.

They were just too sick.

We brought the gifts home so they could see him open them.

It was a great way to end the week considering how it started.

On another note Adam got fitted for new AFO's today.
He is now 40 inches tall. He was 36 inches in August prior to detethering surgery.
His feet have grown almost an inch.
This is huge since he has no nerve function in them.

He will have surgery at the end of March for a MACE procedure.
More on that later. All these things will help him be ready for kindergarten in August.

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  1. I hope Adam's birthday was as special as he is to us all. Many birthday blessings to your sweet boy!

  2. God bless you guys. He is such a sweetie. It melts my heart to see how happy Adam is in your family. We love you...

  3. Happy Birthday. He looks so happy! Love it!