Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Sometimes things happen unexpectedly.

My sweetie is in the hospital after an unexpected trip to the ER early Sunday morning.

Our Valentine's Day plans were cancelled and we spent Valentines Day in an unexpected place.

This kids got to open their gifts at home but were with grandparents while Mom and Dad were at the hospital. Greg and I both got a tray from the hospital cafeteria and had a less than romantic dinner in the hospital room. It was unexpected but we made the best of it.

Also today is Adam's 5th birthday. He spent his first three b-day's in China and last year we had only been home a week and a half so we kept his b-day low key.

This year we were going to really make it special.

He is at home with his grandparents while I am spending the day with Greg at the hospital.


I am determined to get him a piece of cake with a candle so we can at least sing
Happy Birthday.

All the while Audrey Kate is battling mono. Completely unexpected!

Things could be so much worse so I am thankful today.

Thankful for:

Parents and in-laws who have stepped in to help out
Greg's medical care
Adam turning 5
Friends who will pray
and for the fact that we will get through this

Counting our blessings today!

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