Sunday, March 13, 2011

Audrey Kate- Sunday Snapshot

It has been a while since I've done a Sunday Snapshot.

Yesterday we had beautiful weather. It was a great day for a horse show.

This was AK's first show of the season.

She was too sick for the first two shows. She was battling mono. She had every complication you can have with mono. She had mono related hepatitis and a swollen spleen.

She missed two weeks of school. She missed a month of ballet and
a month of horse back riding.

In fact she had only ridden Marshmallow twice before this show.

She felt a little unprepared.

We told her to just have fun!

She really wanted to do the show.
But for some reason she was very nervous which is unlike her.

We noticed she was very pale. She had no color in her lips.
She said she was fine.

She looked beautiful on her horse.

She competed in the first two classes.

This is a new division for her.

She is holding a second place ribbon in her hand but her face says it all.

Too much too soon!

She told her trainer she needed to get out of the ring.

She pulled out of the last class.

Poor girl was having a hard time breathing.

I think this was a combination of weakness from mono,
nerves from not riding much in the last month, and a new division.

Doesn't matter to us. She's still first place in our book.

She will have another chance to show in April and
she is hoping to back strong and ready to ride!

We love you AK!

Ni Hao Yall

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  1. lovely photos! We a cross country ride coming up in two weeks!

  2. Sorry she had been so sick to miss so much of the things she loves. That must have been hard on her. She looks just lovely on that horse though. It makes me want to go horse back riding so bad. I have only been once in my life and I loved it so much. My kids have never been. I hope she feels well enough to go all the way next time.

  3. Awww...poor girl! Congrats on the ribbon!!

    What a great mom you are knowing everything she is going through...kudos to the care you are taking with your sweet ones...

  4. Great shots, takes me back to my Hunter/Jumper days. I hope your daughter feels better very soon and gets back in the ring :)

  5. Oh sweet Audrey Kate...the pictures bring back so many memories. I rode competitively all throughout my childhood. My first pony was a gray too...names Shorty though! Hope she is feeling better soon!

    PS - I stopped over from Stefanie's Sunday Snapshot, BUT I remember following your family on My Adoption Website when you brought home good to see her all grown up (and with a new little brother at that)!!

    Blessings, Ashley

  6. the colors in these are beautiful and the horses are just gorgeous!!! you guys look like you had a blast!

  7. Beautiful pictures! Is she riding Huntseat? Even sick she looks beautiful and Marshmallow is stunning too! What a perfect name for her! Horse shows make for such wonderful pictures :)