Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hospital Day Three

Playing doctor with Sam right after surgery

He still smiled even after surgery. (the morphine was pumping)

Audrey Kate decorated our white board...Welcome Back Adam!

Smiles again this morning.

We took a wagon ride to see the Sir Purr display.

The whole family was together this afternoon.

Adam is doing as good as can be expected. He has bouts of pain and other times when he is happy and playful. We are to get him out of bed three times a day and that is tough on him.

All in all we are doing fine. He is healing and hopefully by Tuesday we will be going home.
Only time will tell.

Thank you for all the prayers!

Tomorrows Sunday Snapshot is about some very exciting news we received this week.

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  1. The smile on that sweet boy just makes me happy! So glad to hear that recovery has begun.