Friday, March 11, 2011

It's about time

It's about time I got back to blogging.

Problem is I have had no time for updates.

But now all the sick have healed and I'm back.

So here's an update on our littlest.

He and I took a trip up to Duke yesterday for a check up on his spine.

He looks thrilled to be there!
We drove almost 3 hours in the pouring rain.

And we waited another two hours once we got there.

He was so good!

Dr Fuchs, the worlds best pediatric neurosurgeon, checked him out.
We have been going every three months since de-tethering surgery in August.
We have now been told to come back in 6 months.
Good news!

On the way home we made a detour to Kaye products (the maker of his walker) to check out this very cool bike. The bike is not made by Kaye but they do carry them and sell them. It is French engineered and manufactured. It ain't cheap but did I mention how cool it is?

I put Adam on it and he took off riding. My boy can ride a bike. I have this vision of him in our cul-de-sac riding with all the other kids.

He is having surgery in two weeks. He will have a MACE procedure (bowel surgery) and hypospadias repair.

I hope to have him this cool bike to ride as soon as he is completely recovered.

Just in time for Spring weather!

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  1. Love that bike! Adam looks great and good to hear the great reports for his health.