Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hospital Day Four- Sunday
Sunday was our Panther Party.
All the visitors came in Panther gear.

Not feeling too good in this picture.

Hospital Day Five and Home -Monday

Adam's room was actually on the Panthers floor.
He was so happy about that.
We were given room number 10 which we had stayed in once before.

Here is his nurse Marissa. She was wonderful. All of his nurses were. He loved Jamie and Andrew also. Although when asked by Dr. P if he (Adam) liked the girl nurses or the boy nurses better he said he liked the girl nurses because they were cuter. What a flirt!

One last hug for his nurse.

We are home and have been since Monday evening.

Adam is doing well!

What a relief to have this surgery behind us and to be home, together as a family again.



  1. So glad to hear all went well!! Thinking of you and your beautiful family!!! God bless you guys:)