Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Black and White Wednesday- Audrey Kate

This is my girl on Easter Sunday. I like her in Black and White.

But I think I like the color photos better.

I was just talking photography today with my friend Brooke Brown.

She is a great photographer.

Check out her work here.

She loves God and donates some of her profits to various causes.

She is so giving. Maybe if your in the area you could use her service.

I think I could use some pointers on my black and whites.

I might be taking another photography class with my friend Kim soon.

Happy Wednesday!

the long road

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  1. Beautiful pictures of Miss Audrey Kate!

  2. These are great in both color and b&w.

  3. Love these photos, Jenny (and you are so sweet to mention me). Can't wait to hear about your photography class!