Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fishing Trip Part Two


C.J.'s catch

My boys...minus Adam

The crew

Stephen, C.J., and Matthew, cousins and friends

The mountains of NC are so beautiful!

This picture was taken right before they left to come home.
You can see it on his face.
He is saying goodbye.
He is starting to prepare for what is ahead.

We have begun seeing a change in him.
Things are winding down and he has a sense that they will never be the same again.
His time at home is coming to an end.
In fact he leaves in two months from today.
Not sure how much time he will be at home anymore.
For sure he will be back for a couple weeks next December.
We are not sure that he will be able to go on the fishing trip in the future.
Colorado is a long way from North Carolina.

He thanked Greg the other day for everything he had done.

He told him he would not be where he is without him.

Yes, the change has begun!

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  1. What an intuitive young man you have. I sense relationships will only grow closer regardless of distance. God is good all the time. Thanking Him for your wonderful family. Enjoy the next weeks and what God is going to do.