Friday, April 15, 2011

The talkers

Generally we are a quiet family.
Greg likes to talk but we aren't afraid of silence.
You know there are some people who just don't like quiet.
They feel the need to fill it with conversation or TV.
We wake up slowly and keep our house as quiet as we can for as long as the day will allow.

That noise and talking usually starts about the same time as Sam and Adam get up.

Unfortunately that is very early.

I have never seen anything like the two of them.

They wake up talking and do not stop until bedtime.

The volume of questions asked in one day is unbelievable.
Samantha will not only ask a million questions she immediately answer her own questions.
I promise you she really likes to hear herself talk.

If I happen to walk in a room where she is she quickly says Mom and follows it with a question.

I am not sure if Adam was a natural born talker or if he picked it up from his sister.

Samantha is a natural born talker!

She's got the gift of conversation!

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