Thursday, April 14, 2011

What took you so long?

I love some of the conversations I have with Sam and Adam.

The other day we were talking about China.

I said we would go back someday. He said "I don't want to go back!"

How long does it take before they know this is forever?

I explained that it would be a trip as a family and we would ALL return home.

Adam started asking me some questions about the house he lived in in China.

I asked him if he remembered his bed and his room.

He said he did.

I asked if he remembered his friends Wei Di and Heng Hai.

He said he did.

I asked him if he remembered the day Mommy and Daddy came to meet him.

He said he did.

Then he asked....

"What took you so long?"

There are times when I catch Adam talking to himself when he thinks I can't hear.

The other day we pulled out of the driveway and he was looking back at our house and he said

"I like it here."

I am so glad he does!

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  1. Oh Jennifer...that is so beautiful. Oh what a beautiful child and what a wonderful life you have given him. Thank you so much for sharing. Tears here in the Murphy household...

  2. Um - was this post supposed to make me cry?! It did. Twice.
    I just love this love story that you all have with Adam.