Saturday, May 28, 2011

What we've been up to

This has been about the busiest May that I can remember and that is saying something!
May has always been very busy but this year takes the cake!

This weekend we are working on the graduation party preparations.

We have been going through old photos for Stephen's video.

We have realized two things.

Time has flown!

And we have some really good memories.
I have also decided that I enjoy others graduations
better that my children graduating.
It has been fun to work on invitations, announcements, and party planning but it has also been an emotional journey. Looking back while planning for his eminent departure has been hard.

Last weekend a group of us gave a shower for our friends Angie and JT.

They are in the final preparations to bring their son Alex home. It was a lovely party.

We also celebrated the end of preschool. For us it is the end of something
that seems like it has always been part of our life.
We have always either had a child in preschool or one getting ready to go.
We said goodbye to Miss Anne....

and Miss Lori.

We enjoyed a concert by the kids and then a picnic.
The little guys have made so many nice friends.

Most are going to different schools for kindergarten.
So it felt like we were saying goodbye to them too.

Amidst all this we had tryout for the middle school dance team.
Audrey Kate learned the routine and gave it her best effort.

And she is now a member of the Mavericks Motion Dance Team!
Congratulations AK!
We now get to go to all Middle School football and basketball games!
We just can't get away from the sports.
By the time Sam and Adam have finished High School we will have been part of the Marvin Ridge family for 17 years.

Last week was also Senior Week.
They had fun activities for Seniors each day including a field trip to the zoo and field day.
Senior Banquet was also last week and prizes were raffled off. Stephen won the biggest prize of a 24" LED TV valued at $250.00. Lucky! Too bad he is not allowed to have a TV at the academy. He wants us to buy it from him.

So what's left?

Camp for the little guys.

5th grade field day and graduation.
Dance team parent meeting for AK.

Exams, graduation lunch and practice.
Final paperwork for the Academy
Graduation and party for Stephen.

I have two friends getting ready to bring home children from different countries.

Our good friends daughter Rachel graduates next Saturday.

Honestly we are taking this one day at a time.

Things slow down for us in July!

We won't know what to do with ourselves!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Senior Awards Day

Stephen received his appointment today!
It was the official presentation at the Senior Awards Day.

We are so proud of him.

The presentation highlighted the rigors of the academy
and the steep competition this year.
There are only 1300 appointees out of 13,000.

His whole family was there to share the day.

His liaison officer is fantastic. She has helped us out so
much in getting through this process.

Here is the appointment.

His boots also came today.

His plane ticket came a few days ago.

Everything is falling into place.

33 days to go!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

I take it back!!

I take everything I said back.
I thought they for sure would look like gangsters.
After all Stephen chose a black shirt with a red vest and tie.
And C.J. chose a pink vest and a blue tie.

And although it would not be my first choice of a tuxedo...

my boys were looking very handsome!

They really looked good with their dates.

C.J. and Megan looked like a million dollars!
Megan is such a pretty and sweet girl.

Stephen went with a friend.

They looked fantastic also.
They all had a great time and made it home safely!

Today is C.J.'s 17th B-Day!

Happy birthday Cee Gee Pee Gee!

He loves that nickname!

We love you!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

40 days and counting....

It's prom weekend!

This year both Stephen and C.J. are going.

Last year I helped Stephen pick out his tux.

It was conservative.
It was traditional.

I love black, white, and silver together.

Well this year the boys picked out their own tuxedos
and quite frankly I am kind of scared!

Stephen went alone with his friends to pick out his tux and
from what he has told me it sounds very interesting.

I went with C.J. but let him make his own choices.
Pink and blue are part of his color scheme tonight

I told Greg I think the words gangster/mafia come to mind when I think about it.

Anyway, we will see and I will have plenty of pictures to post tomorrow.

I am sure their dates will be beautiful.

Prayers for safety are much appreciated.

We are 40 days away from saying goodbye to Stephen.

Graduation is less than a month.

Some days I am really ready.

If you have teenagers you know what I mean.

Others days I am not ready at all!!!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Here he is. He is about to turn 17 on Monday the 16th.
He has been somewhat neglected on my blog.
He's not the graduate, or the littlest, or doing any extracurricular activities.

So you haven't seen many posts about him.

But he is a good kid! He is helpful to his parents.
He keeps his room, does his laundry, watches the little guys and cuts our grass.
He has recently started his own grass cutting business.
He currently has 4 lawns and is looking for more.

He aggravates his siblings. He is kind of a prankster.
In a fun way!

But he loves them and they love him!

Happy almost Birthday C.J.!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Break

Some of you went on a Cruise, or maybe to the beach.

But for our Spring Break we went to.....

Lazy 5 Ranch!

Audrey Kate looks like a giant in this picture.
She and Grace are only 9 months apart.

"Mom, Are sure this is safe"

He wasn't sure about all this but soon he got into it.

AK thought every animal she saw was "SOOOOO Cute!"

I thought every animal was just lovely also!
Loved that tongue!

Feed me!

AK and her friend Grace

Sammy and her buddy Emma

Llama, Llama smile at Mama

My friend Kim and I had a great time taking our kids on a really fun day trip.

Audrey Kate decided she wanted a miniature cow after our visit.

She looked them up when we got home and told us "They are only $800.00."

That girl should live on a farm!

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