Thursday, May 5, 2011


Something new and from what I can tell not an issue related to Spina Bifida.

Hematology has now entered the realm of our doctors visits.

Adam is anemic. Iron deficient anemic.

He also is 9 pounds underweight. At 5 years 3 months he weighs 24.8 pounds.

He will be taking Iron therapy for the next year.

There are a couple more test to be run to see if there is anything going on in his GI track.

He is drinking Boost for kids and we are trying our best to fatten him up!

Poor kid has been through it this year.

I hope this resolves soon.

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  1. 24.8 lbs. of pure cuteness. Praying this will be something minor that Boost, iron therapy and Dunkin Donuts can fix. :-)
    Love him.

  2. Oh's always something with kids! I have faith that Adam's little body will continue to grow big and strong!! Praying for resolve with you though, and feeling your pain...

    For now, rejoice in the happiness of Mother's Day:)