Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Here he is. He is about to turn 17 on Monday the 16th.
He has been somewhat neglected on my blog.
He's not the graduate, or the littlest, or doing any extracurricular activities.

So you haven't seen many posts about him.

But he is a good kid! He is helpful to his parents.
He keeps his room, does his laundry, watches the little guys and cuts our grass.
He has recently started his own grass cutting business.
He currently has 4 lawns and is looking for more.

He aggravates his siblings. He is kind of a prankster.
In a fun way!

But he loves them and they love him!

Happy almost Birthday C.J.!

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  1. sweet post - sounds like a sweet boy (handsome too!)

  2. Happy Birthday, CJ! I hope your day is extra special!