Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Break

Some of you went on a Cruise, or maybe to the beach.

But for our Spring Break we went to.....

Lazy 5 Ranch!

Audrey Kate looks like a giant in this picture.
She and Grace are only 9 months apart.

"Mom, Are sure this is safe"

He wasn't sure about all this but soon he got into it.

AK thought every animal she saw was "SOOOOO Cute!"

I thought every animal was just lovely also!
Loved that tongue!

Feed me!

AK and her friend Grace

Sammy and her buddy Emma

Llama, Llama smile at Mama

My friend Kim and I had a great time taking our kids on a really fun day trip.

Audrey Kate decided she wanted a miniature cow after our visit.

She looked them up when we got home and told us "They are only $800.00."

That girl should live on a farm!

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